Drip, Drip (2008)

Drama, disaster
Pain and dismay.
To cry on a shoulder
Wouldn’t keep the thoughts away.
Does life really suck?
Overall it does.
Beer, no money
And fights, just because.

Tear drops, then blood falls
Slowly down her wrist.
It trickles, and tickles.
Her hand in a fist.
Her boyfriend, he hugs her:
Says it’ll be okay.
She shakes her head no,
It won’t. Not today.

Long sleeves and bracelets
Cover it up, does the trick.
Their time, they won’t waste it.
It’s not important, not this
Her face is a smile,
But her heart is a frown.
She wears it always;
Her clad-iron crown.

She knows she can’t stop it;
She’s not ready to yet.
She reaches up and touches;
Her eyes are all wet.
She looks down and sees
The knife in her hand.
She knows this will hurt:
She knows that’s the plan.


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