YOU (2017)

You know who you are

But do you know me?

These words aren’t coming out

So easily


You know, I think it’s funny

But also, kind of sad

I guess there is no balance

To what we could have had


Sometimes life’s lessons

Make themselves difficult to be learned

They’re kind of like a currency

Just waiting to be earned


A currency I make

When I watch you from afar

And a currency I spend

When I’m sitting in your car


They’re expensive;

The types of tolls that this takes

A toll on me, a toll on you

Sometimes my heart breaks


From the sheer knowing

That one day it has to end

I wish I had a million lessons

To spend on you, my friend








Moscow airport under attack (2011)

Plagiarism (2011)



Make It Through The Day (2008)

She’s fighting with her dad again;
He’s getting in her face.
She’s trying to imagine leaving
This God-forbidden place.

All she’s ever wanting
Is to run away and hide.
So maybe now she finally will
Just blend in with the tide.

She’s sitting in her room right now.
He’s banging on the door.
She rushes to the window
And takes her feet off of the floor.

She doesn’t know which way to go
As he starts to pick the lock
She just knows time’s running out
According to the clock.

He’s breaking down her door right now;
She’s getting in the car.
She hears him bellow out with rage;
I don’t know where you are!

She sees his face all mad and red,
Peering down the street.
She’s laughing as she hears him scream:
“I’ll find you, you little *beep!*

The windows are getting foggy,
As the air starts growing thick.
She doesn’t know which road to turn on,
She doesn’t know which one to pick.

Her head starts spinning faster
As her wheels start going slow.
This might end in disaster, she thinks,
As it begins to snow.

Drip, Drip (2008)

Drama, disaster
Pain and dismay.
To cry on a shoulder
Wouldn’t keep the thoughts away.
Does life really suck?
Overall it does.
Beer, no money
And fights, just because.

Tear drops, then blood falls
Slowly down her wrist.
It trickles, and tickles.
Her hand in a fist.
Her boyfriend, he hugs her:
Says it’ll be okay.
She shakes her head no,
It won’t. Not today.

Long sleeves and bracelets
Cover it up, does the trick.
Their time, they won’t waste it.
It’s not important, not this
Her face is a smile,
But her heart is a frown.
She wears it always;
Her clad-iron crown.

She knows she can’t stop it;
She’s not ready to yet.
She reaches up and touches;
Her eyes are all wet.
She looks down and sees
The knife in her hand.
She knows this will hurt:
She knows that’s the plan.

Devil’s Little Girl (2003)

Unkept promises,
Life is bad.
She soon will lose everything
She ever had:
Her sisters hate her,
Her mother’s frail.
She wants to kill herself
With a nail.
So go to Hell,
You stupid hag.
All you’re worth for
Is a filthy rag.
Go curl up and die,
Say bye bye.
Nobody loves you,
Go and cry.