You’re Smarter Than You Look …

You are in the break room with a coworker that you don’t really like. They are trying to heat up their food, but the microwave won’t turn on. You watch silently for a few seconds, trying not to laugh as they begin to act frustrated. You saunter over, make eye contact, then plug it into the wall. As you begin to walk away they mutter, “you’re smarter than you look.” How do you react? Would you be offended, because they are implying that you look dumb? Or would you take it as a compliment, because you’ve heard that brains and beauty do not go hand in hand? Is intelligence something that you can ‘see’ in another person? Is beauty only skin deep? Who’s perception of beauty are we trying to live up to, anyway? Everybody has their own unique level of intelligence, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It does not need to be just one or the other. I believe it is possible for somebody to be brilliant AND beautiful.


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